Conference Topics and Submissions

We wish to make it as simple as possible to give a talk at this conference, so we are only asking for an abstract of your proposed talk. We will not require a paper, but we will record all the talks and may, with each speaker’s permission, make the presentations and recordings publicly available after the conference.

Each talk will be 25 minutes in length, with a further 5 minutes Q&A.

Programme subjects might include:

  • machines (generators/motors)
  • propulsion network (cables, fault current limiting, circuit breakers)
  • energy conversion (power electronics and energy storage)
  • cryogenics, including fuel systems
  • aircraft integration
  • ground based operational support & infrastructure, (refuelling, maintenance)
  • commercial operations
  • fundamental superconductivity research relevant to HTS propulsion
  • lessons learned from relevant fields (FuSuMa, HiScale, ZeroAvia, etc)
  • commercial opportunities
  • financial investments and funding streams

Presentation Abstract Submission

To submit an abstract, please complete this simple form and follow the instructions on the form for returning it by 1 April 2022. All abstracts will be considered by the technical committee and a programme agreed. Admin will contact confirmed speakers by the end of March 2021, and thereafter work with each speaker to ensure programme requirements are fulfilled.

Enter the name (First name / FAMILY NAME) of the people who will deliver the presentation
Enter the name of the organisation(s) – university, company, etc – the presenter(s) work for
If applicable, enter the name of presenter's research group, team, business unit, etc
Enter conference topics to which your presentation is relevant, or other keywords categorising your presentation, separated by “,” e.g. keyword1, keyword2
Enter a contact telephone number, including international dialling code from the UK
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